Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Building New Orleans 2.0

excerpt from the article...
As if trying to make up for not being there to hold back the waters which flooded the Big Easy following Hurricane Katrina, the Dutch are now making amends. A new exhibit called "Newer Orleans, a Shared Space" is once again combining Dutch and American forces with inspired suggestions for how to rebuild the soggy Crescent City.

UN Studio thinks this garden-encrusted Ziggurat could be the new urban icon New Orleans needs.

This City Park design by West 8 is being considered by New Orleans. It creates a mini-Delta water system that would help clean the salt-water soaked parklands, and prevent flooding. New Orleans' current City Park lost thousands of trees and plants after Katrina.

This crayon drawing by a young New Orleans resident inspired Dutch firm MVRVD to created a "safe school" on a hill above sea level.

An imaginary view of MVRVD's school on a hill superimposed on flooded New Orleans.

Huff + Gooden Architects' swooping neighborhood school is unlikely to become a permanent part of the Crescent City. But you can see it in the "Newer Orleans -- a Shared Space" exhibit.


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