Friday, September 15, 2006

scrap house

one of five images from Wednesday's (13 September 06) bonus candy...

I know it sounds surprising to all of us in the U.S. -- but the National Geographic Channel will be airing a documentary next Monday called "Scrap House."
It tells the story of how a team of architects, builders, structural engineers and scrap artists came together last year to build a house entirely out of garbage. Not the usual green materials everyone is talking about, something greener than that -- real and true garbage plucked straight from the waste stream. (

So mark your calendars... 9PM (CST) - Monday, September 18th on the National Geographic Channel.

Here's a partial list of materials they used:
Street Sign Siding; Tiled Leather Floor; Phonebook Wall; Solid Core Door Floor; Fire Hose Walls; Traffic Light Chandelier; Conveyor Belt Floors & Walls; Billboard Fence & Roof...


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you can see a similar project in and aldo

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