Friday, February 08, 2008


one of five images from today's (08 February 2008) issue of eyecandy...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Jan Van Hoof Gallery, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

White cemented ‘béton-brute’ construction-slabs enlarge the existing white villa with a small pavilion. The inhabitants live & cook among contemporary art. Supporting concrete walls and roofs are folded around the inner space. Only on the inside the construction is finished thermally and acoustically, and made suitable for the periodically changing exhibitions. The waterproof concrete roof drains along the facade. Demands were contradictory: make large walls to show works of art, and preserve the vista on river and grand polder. At first sight one is deprived of a view, but with a diaphragm at the end, enticed to walk. New interior routes can be discovered to basement, patio and sculpture garden. Some walls seem to float to sense the presence of the Dommel river. A magnificent window is oriented on medieval ‘s Hertogenbosch (Bois le Duc) in the north. And the other way around the gallery reveals its presence to the city.

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Blogger eric said...

Wow, very interesting! Sounds like inside information...

Thanks for sharing,

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