Thursday, February 04, 2010

b9 architects inc.

Urban Canyon

This design is about a canyon; a place for people to walk, hang out, and visit with a neighbor; a place to be community. The canyon, separating the 7 homes, ranges from 10 to nearly 18 feet wide, and is oriented north south, with a spur to the west. This orientation permits people to walk in from either 19th Avenue or E. Pine Street, or in from their car, which is discreetly tucked at the edge of the site. Here, the auto knows its place, and neighbors have a chance to interact in an informal setting.
The canyon's orientation allows for southern light and air to reach all of the units and penetrate the site. Entries are accessed from the pedestrian canyon. The massing allows roof decks with views back into the canyon and to the Cascade Mountains to the east for all homes. Parking is covered under a trellis. Urban Canyon was selected as a Project of the Month by AIA Seattle in 2009.
Photos by: William Wright Photography
Many thanks to Bradley at b9 for the photos and project description...


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