Saturday, August 28, 2010

rick joy architect

210 Acre Farm Property in Woodstock, VT.

Rick Joy set out to create a farm home and barn - as a family and recreation oriented escape able to host many visitors. The property offers admirers clear evidence that Rick Joy - as Steven Holl so aptly put it - is the Poet of Place.

Rick's intent was to use locally sourced materials and create a "pure" and poetic design that reminds the inhabitants of their connection to Nature. "Modern Campy" was a mantra early in the design process. The photos, thoughtful and beautiful were taken during the first 2 weeks of October 2009...peak foliage by famed architectural photographer, Jean-Luc Laloux for an impending book publication.

The beauty of the property underscores the incredible care and craftsmanship provided by Colby and Tobiason Builders who were able to handle critical elements of the project with precision.

Stone used for the ends of the residence is bedrock sourced from Lake Champlain, the shingle exterior and the pine interior "skin" were also souced locally. The house was designed as a kit of parts with steel framing at 12 foot sections which allowed for the used of prefab SIPs panel for the structures.

They property was recently submitted into Current Use - A state program to protect rural properties and to enhance land for forestry, agriculture, wildlife and recreation.

A 62' x 25' deck emerging from the rear of the barn and cantilevering over the pond completes the property and will be complete in the Spring of 2010. Unusual linear footage of stone walls 100-200 years old can be found throughout the property.

Developer: Paul Palandjian
Architect: Rick Joy Architects
Primary Rick Joy
Associates: Claudia Valente,
Dale Rush
Builder: Colby and Tobiason
Team of Erik Tobiason and Tucker West Johnson
Forester: Mark Johnson
Land Enhancement Specialist:
Jason Eaton - Chippers, Inc.

project information via Pual Plandjian's flicker page

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Anonymous Lorena said...

Love the architecture, has somewhat of a Medieval feel to it.I'd go a tad more organicy, wooly, textured on the interior design. The white sofa seems rather impractical and anemic to me

9:49 PM  
Anonymous enrico said...

I appreciate when the project is about a very basic shape. A challenging job, the result is always very interesting. These projects show what, in architecture, is truly necessary.

6:43 AM  

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