Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bourne Blue Architecture

Dudley Residence

North facing sites, looking up the coastline are a rarity on the East coast of Australia. This site, sloping down at 1 in 4 to the North presented many difficulties, one of which was how to accommodate a 25m long lap pool on the site, together with the accommodation required for a young family that seek to stay on this site for decades to come. The strategy developed was to locate entry / living / common spaces on the site up on the highest contours, place the pool to the north of this, running across the site and then move down underneath the pool to the sleeping areas. The slope of the land is such that all levels have an extensive view to the ocean, and all levels receive good winter sunlight.
Architect – Bourne Blue Architecture
Engineer – Izzat
Landscape – Richard Stutchbury
Sculpture – Richard Stutchbury
Builder – Danny Smith
Photography – Brett Boardman
Completed – 2009


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