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Paseo del Conquistador No. 53, Cuernavaca Morelos, México.
Terreno: 41 m2
Construcción: 142 m2
Costo: 320dls m2
Rec Arquitectura
Jonathan Tapia Bernal, Magdalena Ramos Bazan, Carlos Solorzano, Gerardo Recoder.
Estructura: Ivan Recoder.
Ingenierías: Gustavo Lira Mendoza.
Construcción: Víctor Manuel Gómez y Gerardo Recoder.
Palapa: Pablo Castro Carvajal.
Vidrio: Ricardo Salgado.

The facade offers a new form of seeing the straw, or plalapa, since commonly it is used for the roof in horizontal elements. But in this case we used it for vertical elements - offering improvements to the interior comfort.
Cuernavaca and its context have permitted REC to generate an architectural field of incomparable experimentation, where principal elements are used to work with the vernacular identity and present technology. For that, by detecting the urban caos which applies appearance of town and its small urban image’s adaptability to radical changes, we’ve generated a binary space which involves tradition with a creative language.
This geometric orthogonal building, is discreet and respectful toward the environment which used a combination of creative phases from the conception to the pragmatic construction, that works as a showroom of itself for it's brave use of a traditional constructive system; a reinterpretation of palapa creates the skin of the facade which has the most solar exposure and generates an unique visual mimicry accentuating its presence with a new language.
Because of the short time we had to construct the building, the constructive system gave priority to glass and steel, resulting in an effective construction that was resolved by following a simple program.
As shown in this project, sustainable design is a guideline for the office, avoiding the use of conditioning air commonly used in these areas for volumes fitted with glass, saving money for the client with cross ventilation, structural consistency, sun and currents of air; because intelligent buildings are not conceived by inserting a PC or sophisticated and expensive materials, but employed obvious criterion.

Many thanks to Gerardo for the text and images...

Rec Arquitectura
Since 2002

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