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photo credit: Bellevue City Hall - Joseph Fry

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Plano B Arquitectura

PLANO B = The expression ‘plan b’ refers to some alternative way to solve a problem... Considering our pessimistic view on life, we assume there is always a misfortune ahead, so it seems appropriate to seriously consider a 'plan b'.
Our focus has been the use of natural materials and processes in conjunction with industrial ones.

THE HOUSE “CASA EM ARRUDA DOS VINHOS” is the reconstruction of a previous one - the same size and standing in the same location. The materials used where, in part, also the same: wood, earth and stone. To these we’ve added concrete for the foundations, asphalt for parking, and polycarbonate on the facade.

Part of the construction was provided by volunteer work: the owner, the architects, some friends, and whoever would show up. The entire construction process is available at: http://planob-arruda.blogspot.com/

many thanks to Eduardo at Plano B Arquitectura
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Image Credits:
5 Exterior, 8 Detail, 8 Interior and 9 Interior by Sandra Pereira

via: http://abarrigadeumarquitecto.blogspot.com/2008/10/plano-b-casa-em-arruda-dos-vinhos.html