Thursday, April 29, 2010

collins and turner

At Boomerang Drive, two houses are sited along a sand-dune facing the beach.
The houses are siblings, related by a common architectural vocabulary and palette of materials. They share their site around a central courtyard divided by an elevated lap-pool and low screen wall. Constructed in off-form concrete, tallowwood and zinc, the pair are designed to age gracefully in their coastal environment, becoming a collage of weathered surfaces like those found on nearby beaches.
Like geological strata, the buildings transform from the urban street context with solid concrete at the lower level, to more relaxed levels closer to the beach with timber cladding, topped by lightweight zinc and glass pavilions.
The living level and upper floor are linked by stairs and a dramatic double height space bringing daylight and breezes into the heart of the houses.
Internally, the materials are beautiful yet practical in their beach-side location: concrete floors with timber ceilings overhead, bronze toned, timber based, panelling and carrara marble to the service areas. The long clean lines of the internal spaces embrace the external environment through large format movable glass doors.
The project has fulfilled the client’s brief for generous accommodation and high quality materials. whilst managing to present as modest structures to the beach.
Many thanks to Penny and Huw for the images and description....
Photography by Richard Glover:

Monday, April 26, 2010


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hollywood Un-der-line

The iconic Hollywood sign is in danger of being obstructed by hulking mansions. The land was originally purchased by industrialist Howard Hughes in 1940, to build a home, after Hughes died his estate sold the property in 2002 to a group of Chicago investors. They put the property on the market two years ago for $22 million. It is zoned to build four luxury homes.The Chicago investors later agreed to sell the land to the city for $12.5 million. Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge and the Trust for Public Land have worked since February to raise the money to secure the 138-acre parcel to the west of the Hollywood sign called Cahuenga Peak. The deadline was originally set for April 14, but thanks to the cooperation of the landowners, it has been extended until April 30. (

Hollywood Un-der-line is a project that aims at preserving the sign both now as in the future. The design adds a program underneath the sign, by doing so both the sign as its natural surroundings are respected. The design will be an added value for the region and creates at the same time a financial safeguard for the sign in the future.

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FLACQ team is now part of Arup Associates...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Serber Barber Choate & Hertlein

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bergmeisterwolf architekten

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inês lobo arquitectos lda

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Merkx + Girod architecten

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Mathew Baird Architects